JUNE 2024

7.-13. August the Royal Norwegian Yacht Club is the host of the European Championship for large regatta boats (keelboats) on Hankø, which is the largest international sailing championship in Norway this year.

ORCi is recognized by World Sailing (the sailing organization’s main organization) and is considered the leading handicap system for keelboats. This means that different sailboats can compete on the same terms, even though the boats vary in both size and length.

During the championship, several hundred international top sailors from several European nations will fight for the European Championship title in two offshore races and several course races. The countries represented in addition to Norway are the United Kingdom, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Lithuania, Finland and Germany.

There are good opportunities for the spectators to witness the regatta. Both by taking your boat out on the water, and on the island Garnholmen.

On Garnholmen there is a new pier, were spectacors can put their boat, and walk on the top of the island to have a great view of the racecourse.

We recommend spectators to see the start of the long offshore race (30-36 hours) on Monday 7 August, and the start of the short offshore race (approx. 16 hours) on Friday 12 August.

The island Hankø

Hankø is a tranquil island that was once the hunting territory of the Master of the manor Elingaard. About a century ago fallow deer were imported from Denmark and released on Hankø. You may still meet fallow deer when walking around the island. The island also has a long history as a resort. The hotel was built in 1877 as a bath, and Seilerkroa (The Sailor’s Inn) was erected in 1883.

Hankø is a pedestrian island. The only car on the island is the one used by the hotel to transport newly arrived guests from the ferry to the hotel.
Hankø’s history as a sailing and regatta venue goes back to the 1880s. The monument on the way out to the racecourse is a memorial of King Olav V, who spent many summers sailing at Hankø.

Things to do nerby:

Visit Hvaler and Fredrikstad, and Visit Østfold have great information on things to do in the region.

Visit Hvaler and Fredrikstad

Visit Østfold

Here are som examples of things to see when nerby Hankø

The Fortified Town:
Northern Europe’s best preserved Fortified town is thriving with history, shops, galleries and cafés.

Elingaard Manor is one of the country’s most fully cast facilities from the Renaissance – a noble manor house with roots dating back to the Middle Ages.

The peninsula’s history is thought to have started with small fortifications which were built during the 13th century. Until 1680 Isegran was Norway’s only sea based military harbour. At Isegran you will find the Fredrikstad museum where many exhibitions are held. From Cafè Galeien you can take in the beautiful view of Gamlebyen (The Old Town) and Vaterland in the south. Here you will find a maritime centre which builds and restores wooden boats.

Fredrikstad Cathedral:
On the edge of Kirkeparken in the city center stands this majestic Cathedral. It was built about 1880 in the Gothic Revival style of brick, with a longitudinal plan in the form of a Latin cross. The single tower is 236 feet tall at the western end, which is part of the main facade.

Hvaler contains of a group of small islands and is truly a scenic place to visit. Here you will find lots of rustic small places, historic environments, Hvaler national marine park and among Europe’s most beautiful archipelagos.



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