Day 1 – Mills Long Offshore

Mills Long Offshore Race is featuring a 24-36 hour tour of the coast of Norway and Sweden, with several long legs positioned for multiple wind angles. This will challenge the teams with sail selections and trimming solutions for optimal speed at these angles. Another challenge is navigational, with many small islets and rocks found along […]

Let´s go!

Hanko, Norway — 7 August 2022 – Following perfect 14-16 knot conditions this afternoon at the mouth of the Oslofiorden, numerous teams tested themselves in a lively practice race held just before the opening ceremony of the 2022 ORCi European Championship, hosted by the Royal Norwegian Yacht Club (KNS) and co-organized with the Offshore Racing Congress (ORC). Fifty-five teams from seven nations are […]

Race Video Tips & Ideas

Race Video Tips & Ideas Download the document here 1080 Media TV is a multi-award-winning company and is the Host Broadcaster for the ORCi European Championships, producing a 25-minute TV show of the race, news and highlights. Many crew will be shooting videos during the race, and we would like to offer a few suggestions […]